Corn Pudding Tart {ModBak}

This it the first tart recipe in the Savory Tarts & Pies section of The Modern Baker. I wasn’t sure how this recipe would work out, as we started this section in January, when fresh sweet corn isn’t available. I decided to use a combination of frozen white and yellow corn kernels.

The recipe says to grate some of the corn with a box grater and cut the rest off the ears with a knife. To simulate this, I chopped some of the corn kernels in the food processor and left the rest whole. After preparing the corn, it was just a matter of mixing it with the rest of the ingredients — butter, scallions, chives, jalapeno or serrano pepper (I used cayenne), whipping cream, salt, pepper, and eggs.

Once the filling was mixed up, I poured it into the tart pan lined with rich tart dough.

I baked the tart at 350°F for 30 minutes, until it was puffed, lightly browned, and the filling was set.

I served the tart for a light lunch. It reminded me of the baked corn dish my mother-in-law used to make for Thanksgiving dinner. It was creamy, sweet, slightly spicy from the cayenne pepper, and full of flavor. I kept going back for more throughout the afternoon, until I had eaten almost the entire tart.

This would be a great dish to serve with ham or poultry. And  it would even be at home on the Thanksgiving table.



  1. February 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    […] “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Corn Pudding Tart. Phyl and Margaret have made it already and liked it. I LOVE corn, so I was sure I would love this tart. […]

  2. Renee said,

    January 12, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    I’ve been feeling a bit down on food lately. Life has been so busy and I’m throwing together pretty simple dinners. This looks so good! I want to get back to real cooking! Hopefully soon….

    • gaaarp said,

      January 13, 2011 at 6:06 pm

      This is both real cooking and pretty simple. With ham, chicken, or even just a salad, this would be a nice dinner.

  3. Kayte said,

    January 9, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Great photos of it all…I am still chuckling at the thought of you going back for more of it throughout the day…a very good recommendation for it. Thanks for tip on the fp for some of the corn, great idea, not sure I would have thought of it.

    • gaaarp said,

      January 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm

      I’m still trying to decide if I should have thawed the corn first, or maybe chopped it a bit longer in the fp. But it was really good!

  4. ap269 said,

    January 9, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    My mouth is watering! Will have to make this one soon!

    • gaaarp said,

      January 9, 2011 at 10:06 pm

      Thanks, Andrea! Can’t wait to hear how you like it.

  5. Anne Marie said,

    January 9, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Nice tip with the frozen corn. It looks delicious.

    • gaaarp said,

      January 9, 2011 at 11:41 am

      Thanks, Anne Marie. I think using both white and yellow made a difference, too. More flavor and sweetness.

  6. Abby said,

    January 9, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Yum, I’m anxious to try this one. Corn is my hubby’s absolute favorite. Imagine it would be wonderful in the summer with fresh corn and chives and a pepper from the garden!

    • gaaarp said,

      January 9, 2011 at 11:40 am

      Yeah, this would be awesome with fresh corn. But it was still really good with frozen. Well worth making.

  7. teaandscones said,

    January 9, 2011 at 9:08 am

    this was good wasn’t it. I know it will be wonderful with fresh corn this summer.

    Looks perfect!!

    • gaaarp said,

      January 9, 2011 at 11:38 am

      Thanks. I enjoyed it more with frozen corn than I thought I would. Can’t wait for August!

  8. Mia said,

    January 9, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Ahh , there u are with some more deliciousness galore and im loving it totally!
    Way way muc!
    The memories it brings makes it all the better ,doesnt it?
    Am totally lookn forward to all the sav tarts!
    super day to ya!

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