Backyard Mint Ice Cream {Ice Cream Sunday}

For my second Ice Cream Sunday post, I decided to make Backyard Mint Ice Cream. This recipe is Jeni’s basic recipe with “a large handful” of hand-torn mint added just before the base is chilled.

If you aren’t familiar with the base recipe, check out my Sweet Corn & Black Raspberry Ice Cream post and leave out the corn and blackberry sauce. You can also find the Backyard Mint recipe here.

Phyl’s notes:

  • The recipe says to add the torn mint to the ice cream base, chill for 4 to 12 hours, then strain out the mint. Several of the Jeni ice cream bases I’ve made have been quite thick, almost the consistency of set pudding, and I was afraid I might have trouble getting the base through the strainer. To avoid this issue, I tied the mint in a double layer of cheesecloth, as I figured this would impart the mint flavor without having to strain it. What I didn’t count on was how much of the base the cheesecloth would absorb. I ended up with about a pint of ice cream, rather than the quart it should have made.
  • I skipped the ice bath, as the base had to chill with the mint in it anyway.
  • This ice cream would be great with mini chocolate chips or small chocolate pieces added at the end of churning.

We really enjoyed this ice cream, and all wished we had more. Luckily, this is a really easy recipe to make. And I have plenty of mint in the backyard.